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Looking for Tesla Finance? Enquire with Harrington to see how we can get you on the road sooner than you might think.

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Tesla vehicle finance


No matter which vehicle you are looking for in the Tesla range and whether you’re looking to finance a new or used model, Harrington are here to help. We can give you access to the funds that will have you driving away in the latest model sooner than you think.

We provide access to Tesla finance deals that aren’t available on the high-street. Working with our panel of lenders we can offer HP, PCP or HP with Balloon plans for the entire family of vehicles. Our account managers offer extensive industry expertise and will manage your needs from beginning to end. No call centers or long wait times.

Harrington can support both personal and business finance enquiries and will create a finance deal that supports your individual circumstances. Whether the vehicle is for your own or for company use, submit an enquiry and we’ll get your next adventure started in no time.

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Tesla vehicle finance


If you’re looking for Tesla PCP or to lease the latest Tesla model, Harrington will build a bespoke finance deal to your own personal requirements.

Harrington creates tailored finance plans for all Tesla models, either via PCP or Hire Purchase options. Payment plans involve a deposit, monthly payments, and in some cases an optional final balloon payment based on the car’s predicted value. The amount borrowed considers the car’s value at the end of the term. Extra mileage fees may arise; these along with the balloon must be paid to own the Tesla.

Tesla Hire Purchase will result in outright ownership at the end of the agreement. HP does require a deposit and a term of monthly payments, which will naturally be higher as the full value of the vehicle is worked into the payment plan.

Tesla PCP and HP with Balloon are alike, with a deposit, monthly payments & a final balloon payment. The balloon is based on the car’s predicted future value. The amount borrowed includes the car’s estimated value at the end of the term. Extra mileage fees may be added. Owning the Tesla requires settling the balloon & any extra fees.

At Harrington we will assign you a specific account manager with extensive industry knowledge to deal with your requirements from start to finish. No call centres and waiting in queues for hours. We’ll take everything off your hands and WE will keep you updated and informed of progress.

Harrington can help you find a Tesla finance deal, whether you are looking for a new or used model. We provide access to funds and plans not available on the high-street. We can offer HP, PCP or HP with Balloon plans for all types of vehicles. We also support both personal and business finance enquiries and will tailor a plan to your needs. Submit an enquiry and let us start your next adventure

Harrington offers finance solutions for both personal and business needs, tailored to your situation. If you’re looking for a car for yourself or for your business, submit an enquiry and we’ll get you on the road quickly.

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From Tesla Supercharger to Cybertruck…

Tesla has been a pioneer when it comes to the EV market. Since their inception in 2003, the business, now headed by business magnate Elon Musk, now owns nearly a 20% share of all worldwide EV sales.

The Tesla App combines with its Trip Planner to offer class leading route finding and in car customisation. The phone app not only provides a convenient Walk-Away Door Lock feature, but also offers number of standard functions to be accessed remotely. Smart Summon and Pilot modes deliver industry leading automated self-drive abilities.

With new models on the horizon such as the utilitarian Tesla Cybertruck coming in 2023, and the range expanding further in 2024 to include the Tesla Roadster, with a potential unveiling of the Model 2 ‘Baby EV’, Tesla look well positioned to hold off competitors such as Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen as they target the market with increasingly competitive offerings.

For more information on how to finance your own Tesla be sure to check out our Electric Vehicle Finance page, or read see everything you need to know about EV ownership in our Buying An Electric Vehicle Guide.