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Restructure your current vehicle payments with a new deal through Harrington Finance.

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We can refinance an existing finance agreement with your current lender and arrange bespoke terms to fit your circumstances.

  • Release equity within your vehicle
  • Restructure your current payments with a new deal
  • Finance your balloon payment
The details

Is refinancing on your vehicle the right option for you?

Refinancing your vehicle essentially is taking out a new finance agreement to pay the balance on an existing car finance loan. This in some circumstances can allow you to reduce monthly costs with an improved loan rate over your previous deal.

Credit scores and loan rates aren’t fixed so you if you have had a change in circumstances and need to increase your disposable income, refinancing the remaining costs over a longer period at a reduced monthly rate, could be the option for you.

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Why Refinance?

Refinance can also be an option if you have come to the end of a Lease Purchase agreement and decide to pay the balloon payment to own. This is usually a lump sum reflecting the current value of your car which can be substantial. Here is where refinancing could be an option, by taking a new loan to break this payment down into more manageable monthly repayments.

Be sure to take note of the overall cost of paying for your vehicle. Whilst you will be reducing monthly costs, paying over a longer duration might not reduce the total amount you pay for your vehicle.

Call Harrington today and see how our dedicated team can help you find the right deal to fund your next dream car.

How does it work?

We make finance easy


A dedicated account manager will discuss your needs and collect documentation


We find the right deals, complete applications on your behalf and get you a no obligation quote


If accepted we pay the dealer – you pick up your new car!

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Refinance FAQS

What is car refinancing? expand

Car refinancing is where you take a new loan to pay of the remainder of your current deal under new terms.

Should I refinance my car? expand

Refinancing your car could be an option if you are looking to reduce monthly costs through a new deal.

Refinancing the remaining amount of your existing loan under lower rates or over a longer period can help reduce monthly costs. However this will increase the total cost of paying for your vehicle.

Can you refinance a balloon payment? expand

Absolutely.  Harrington Finance offer flexible options to customers covering the lifetime of their deals. If you have a deal that includes a balloon payment, we can look at refinance options to spread the cost over monthly instalments instead of a single one-off payment.

How to refinance a car? expand

If you already have a vehicle acquired with finance and find your plan no longer suits your circumstances, refinancing your car could be an options that helps with affordability.

You can look for better deals on your car finance, or even revise the payment terms or interest rates in place of your existing finance plan.

Call Harrington Finance to talk to one of our industry experts who will guide you through the process to see if it’s the right solution for your circumstances.

Customer Review

Approached these guys thinking that I was going up be treated like any another customer. To my surprise, my case was handled from beginning to end by a team of dedicated enthusiasts, who demonstrated great knowledge of the products, tailored to my specific needs, in addition to a relentless ability to support as needed.

Customer Review

Ticked all the boxes.

Very easy to deal with, managed to beat my current finance rates to combine everything into one place. Happy Customer.

Customer Review

Excellent company to deal with, quick on answering phones and responding to e-mails, all considered first class business. Having dealt with Harrington Finance recently to purchase a Porsche 911. I was delighted with service in terms of their efficiency, understanding and explanation of relevant products and their overall speed and clarity throughout the process.

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