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Range Rover or Land Rover Finance through Harrington can get you on the road, or indeed, off it, quicker than you think. Enquire today for all your brand-new or used Land Rover & Range Rover finance requirements.

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You have come to the right place for Ranger Rover and Land Rover Finance.

No matter which vehicle you are looking for in the Land Rover family and whether you’re looking to finance a new or used model, Harrington are here to help. We can give you access to the funds that will have you driving away in the latest model sooner than you think.

We provide access to Range Rover finance deals that aren’t available on the high-street. Working with our panel of lenders we can offer Range Rover PCP HP, or HP with Balloon plans for the entire family of vehicles.

Harrington can support both personal and business finance enquiries and will create a finance deal that supports your individual circumstances. Whether the vehicle is for your own or for company use, submit an enquiry and we’ll get your next adventure started in no time.

Range Rover Finance Land Rover finance
Next level luxury


If you’re looking for a Range Rover Evoque PCP or to lease the latest Range Rover Sport, Harrington will build a bespoke finance deal to your own personal requirements.

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) and Hire Purchase with Balloon are similar, with the payment plan being made up of a deposit, monthly repayments and a final balloon payment. The calculation of the balloon is based on a predicted future value of the vehicle. The amount you borrow takes into account how much a lender thinks the car will be worth at the end of the term. Additional mileage charges may also apply. Both the balloon and any additional charges would need to be settled to take outright ownership of your Range Rover.

Hire purchase, as the name suggests, will result in outright ownership at the end of the agreement. HP does require a deposit and a term of monthly payments, which will naturally be higher as the full value of the vehicle is worked into the payment plan.

At Harrington we will assign you a specific account manager with extensive industry knowledge to deal with your requirements from start to finish. No call centres and waiting in queues for hours. We’ll take everything off your hands and WE will keep you updated on progress.

For more information on our range of car finance options visit our product pages for Hire Purchase, Hire Purchase Plus Balloon and Refinance.

Range Rover Finance Land Rover finance
Limitless options

Luxury SUV

The Land Rover range has become increasingly electric-augmented, with a range of hybrids already available and a range of at least six all-electric models launched by 2025.

Land Rover, as ever, remains synonymous with off-road capability, whether you’re exploring inside the Arctic Circle or wafting along your gravel driveway. Land Rover offers a near limitless range of options to maximise endurance, practicality and of course, comfort. Or opulence. Or bullet-proofing.


With Range Rover, you get the flagship of course, the ever-popular Sport, the compact urban Evoque crossover and the elegant Velar ‘coupe SUV’. Discovery adds a touch more of a utility focus, with the seven-seat Discovery and smaller, family-oriented Discovery Sport.

At present, the Defender family only has one model, but what a model it is! The latest iteration of this unstoppable, go-anywhere classic was launched in 2020, packing considerably more modern comforts than its ancestor. That hasn’t detracted from its capability though, winning Best Luxury SUV under £60,000 at the 2020 What Car? Awards.

Range Rover Finance Land Rover finance
Getting Britain moving

OF Land Rover

Land Rover was originally produced as an off-roader by the Rover Company, the development of which started, as many Land Rovers would go on to follow, on a farm. Maurice Wilks, chief designer for the Rover Company, working in conjunction with his brother, Spencer, managing director of Rover, got to work on Maurice’s farm in Newborough, Anglesey in 1947. It’s claimed that the initial design concept was influenced by the Jeep, having proven itself invaluable throughout WWII. Indeed, the prototype was built on a Jeep chassis with Jeep axles.

The vehicle was designed almost entirely with function as a workhorse in mind; capable off-road – a sort of Swiss Army knife of a vehicle that could be easily maintained in the field. In short, an ideal platform to help get Britain moving in the aftermath of a world war. The chassis was comprised of a sturdy box-section ladder-frame. The box-frame remained a mainstay of the Land Rover range right up until 2016.

Why were Land Rovers only avalible in light green?

Decisions were made based on what was most available at the time. For instance, in the absence of readily available steel, aluminium was used for body panels (a trait that remains for Land Rover vehicles to this day). The cheapest available paints were surplus from the military aircraft industry, so early Land Rovers were only available in shades of ‘cockpit’ light green.

Range Rover Finance Land Rover finance
New releases


Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations offers the highest end customisation for the most discerning customers, allowing unprecedented options and superior performance options.

Land Rover currently offers hybrid Range Rovers, Defenders and the Discovery and expects to have six fully EV vehicles in its line-up by 2025. A fully electric version of the Range Rover is set to debut in 2024.

Naturally, whatever powertrain you are considering, Harrington would be happy to help.

Famous Land Rover owners
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Daniel Craig
  • Ben Fogle
  • Winston Churchill
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • David Dimbleby
  • Zara Phillips
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Land Rover FAQs

When did Land-Rover become Land Rover? expand

Did you spot the difference? In 1978, Land-Rover – merely one model in the Rover Company line – became Land Rover, a company in its own right. During the late 1960s, Land-Rover was absorbed as part of the Rover Company into the British Leyland Motor Corporation. As with Jaguar, where the trajectory of British Leyland was distinctly downwards, Land Rover enjoyed ongoing commercial success and it was felt wise to split out the brand as a separate entity.

As British Leyland collapsed and got broken up, Land Rover continued as part of the Rover Group in 1988, under, bizarrely, the ownership of British Aerospace.

How long did BMW own Land Rover? expand

Rover Group, including Land Rover, was acquired by BMW in 1994, and then sold on again to Ford in 2000, becoming, along with the aforementioned Jaguar, part of their Premier Automotive Group.

As brief as the BMW era had been for Land Rover, it was productive. The brand launched its second generation of the Range Rover, and the Freelander in 1997 – Land Rover’s first unibody model. BMW was responsible for much of the development of the Range Rover III – the first to have a monocoque structure and independent suspension. Ford launched it in 2001.

When did Tata Motors establish Jaguar Land Rover Limited? expand

In 2008, Tata Motors, part of the gigantic Tata Group, established Jaguar Land Rover Limited as a British-registered wholly owned subsidiary.

What about the Range Rover? expand

Whereas Land Rover now enjoys National Treasure status alongside the likes of Dame Judy Dench and Sir David Attenborough, after its successful introduction in 1970, Range Rover has morphed away from its more utilitarian lineage to carve a niche of its own in high end luxury…while still managing incredible off-road capability.

In 1951, the Rover Company was experimenting with a larger platform than the Land-Rover, dubbed the Road-Rover. This was shelved in 1958, and there it stayed until 1966, when Rover Company engineers, Spen King and Gordon Bashford returned to the concept. The design of the Range Rover Mk.I was finalised in 1969 and went on sale the following year.

In 1971, drummer Ginger Baker made a documentary film of his adventure driving a Range Rover from Algeria to Lagos, Nigeria, to set up a recording studio. His trip pre-empted the Paris-Dakar Rally, which started in in 1979. It was won by a Range Rover.

The core Range Rover line was augmented with the Range Rover Sport in 2004, the celebrity-endorsed Evoque in 2011, and the slinky Velar in 2017, based on the same platform as the Jaguar F-Pace. The Range Rover Sport became the biggest selling model of all Land Rover company products.