Behold the Le Mans Classic Clubsport that has just been unveiled by famed Porsche expert Paul Stephens.

Inspired by the world-famous endurance race, the model is based on the Porsche 911 and features lighter body panels and parts such as a de-seamed roof panel, composite bumpers and engine cover, an aluminium bonnet and aerodynamically designed wing mirrors.

Le Mans Classic organiser Peter Auto collaborated with Paul Stephens on the design of the project, which is reported to be the influence behind the car’s elegant white, black and green colour scheme.

The 3.4-litre air-cooled flat-six engine produces 300bhp thanks to an advanced injection system, a reprogrammed ECU and upgraded components including GT3 RS-spec camshafts and lightweight conrods.

A choice of two body types is available; the standard Touring variant that weighs 1075kg and a Lightweight guise that comes in at 970kg – either way the car hits a top speed of 175mph and can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds (Lightweight) or 4.5 (Touring).

The 105kg weight difference comes courtesy of lighter carpets, fixed-back seats and manual front windows along with the removal of soundproofing, plastic rear windows, central locking, the glove box and passenger sun-visor. Inside, the cabin is trimmed in black leather and green, black and white houndstooth. There are also adjustable touring seats and, instead of rear seats, a luggage box containing a bespoke luggage set.

Le Mans Classic Clubsport rear

Interested? The Le Mans Classic Clubsport will be an extremely limited-edition offering – just 10 will be built, with each priced at approximately £250,000.

Pasquale Failla, Business Development Manager at Harrington Luxury Car Finance, says: “This is a beautiful model and a fantastic example of how a stylish and skilful modern upgrade can bring out the qualities of a true classic, in this case the Porsche 911.

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