Honda launches newly revised NSX; hybrid monster unveiled with more aggressive styling; Britain’s Best Driver’s Car available to order now

HONDA has unveiled a facelifted version of its awe-inspiring NSX, with the car’s already impeccable performance taken to another level by the Japanese marque.

The 3.5-Litre twin-turbocharged hybrid-V6 engine remains, with performance expected to eclipse the 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds and top speed of 191mph supported by the aforementioned power unit’s 573bhp output.

Unlike the other hybrid leviathans — the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918, for instance — the NSX does not deliver hypercar performance, but it doesn’t need to.

Costing around 20 per cent of the values of the other juggernauts, the NSX offers incomparable value for money, while also being an incredible proposition for drivers and overall lovers of speed.

NSX is even faster than its predecessor

The latest power output of Honda’s accessibly wonderful supercar is not yet know, but we do know it has been meticulously honed underneath the aluminum underbody and carbon fibre monocoque.

Two seconds have been shaved off the prodigious car’s lap time at Honda’s Suzuka Circuit, with stiffer anti-roll bars — 26 per cent and 19 per cent front and rear respectively — and revisions made to the hybrid system and adaptive dampers, the NSX has been ameliorated in every department to give drivers greater poise and precision on-track and added refinement, comfort and pleasure off it.

60mph is dispatched in less than three seconds and a more responsive fly-by-wire-throttle ensures the immersion is all consuming, pinning to the back of the sports seats and loading you into the relentless thrill that is the NSX.

There are improved aesthetics, too. With altered front bumpers and black mesh replacing the outgoing silver, buyers are provided with an aspirational interior and exterior experience, which will be the envy of discerning car enthusiasts and the ignorance of those unaware of the consummate exhilaration delivered by this superlative car.

Harrington Finance offers the new 2019 Honda NSX

The Honda NSX features improved handling, fuel economy and comfort for drivers – the ultimate package.

It’s better than any similarly powered supercar – and cheaper

As well as being hailed as the best car for drivers by Autocar, the Honda is fantastically cheap, too – well, relatively speaking.

Although £143,000 can hardly be considered cheap, considering the car that you will be owning enjoys a superior 0-60mph time than a McLaren 675LT, Mercedes AMG GT and Pagani Huayra, despite being significantly cheaper than all the aforementioned greats, it offers an impeachable proposition.

The value for money is reason enough to choose this phenomenal car, but with an extra urban MPG of 28 available, you can enjoy more time with the Japanese delight in between fill ups.

While other cars may have a higher top speed, within all realistic driving scenarios, choosing the Honda NSX will be a better choice for day-to-day living and a sheer driving nirvana compared to any vehicle under £1,000,000.

Buying the new Honda NSX on Finance

Test drive the car first, of course, but you will not regret it. The current car is still for sale in the UK and should you enjoy that — doubtless, you will — putting your name down for one of the just 120 units being sent to the UK initially is a must.

If you have the money, choosing to purchase with a specialist luxury car finance plan will ultimately save you capital.

Finance plans from supercar finance company Harrington Luxury Car Finance can be obtained with interest rates from just 4.9%, with monthly repayments from less than £950 per-month.

Business Development Manager at Harrington Luxury Car Finance Paz Failla, reflected on how cost-effective the Honda NSX is as an option for lovers of speed and driving. He said: “It may not be as dramatic or evocative as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, but the Honda NSX is a truly exceptional car – unrivalled in its value for money.

“Want to enjoy supercar thrills on sports-saloon economy? Choose a Honda NSX with the help of Harrington Luxury Finance and drive your dreams for less.”

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