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Finance Your Electric Car With Harrington

You have come to the right place to finance your electric car!

Working with our panel of lenders, Harrington offer access to finance deals not typically available on the high street. We aim to find affordable electric car finance options tailored to fit your own financial circumstances.

Enquire Online today and our specialist account managers will assess your circumstances to find the correct deal for you. Our aim is to find affordable options tailored to fit your own requirements to get you driving away in your desired vehicle, quickly and hassle-free.

Are there financial incentives for financing electric cars?

Electric cars also offer compelling financial incentives for both business and personal purchasers. Including reduced taxation and National Insurance Contributions (company cars only), along with exemption from the London Congestion Charge and London Ultra Low Emission Zone fees. For more information read our  Buying An Electric Vehicle Guide.

How do I find the best electric car finance deal?

Harrington is a specialist motor finance provider. Through our expert lenders, we act as a broker to secure both lease finance, hire purchase and refinance agreements for discerning customers. You can trust our experienced staff to find the right deal, enabling you to buy your electric car.

Affordable electric car finance

Electric Cars for Private and Business Owners

With electric vehicles offering a number of long-term cost benefits over petrol and diesel cars, an efficient EV is becoming a popular options for business owners. Whether it is a private purchase or company car, running costs, maintenance charges and monthly finance payments will of course be a determining factor for most customers.

Luckily there are an array of Government-backed benefits and schemes that are inherent to owning and driving an electric vehicle that can help offset purchase costs.

These include:

  • London Congestion Charge – Avoidance of £15 per day congestion charge for vehicles meeting Euro 6 Standards emitting no more than 75kg/km of CO2 and minimum 20 miles zero emission range are eligible.
  • Ultra Low Emission Zone – EVs can enter the London Ultra Low Emission Zone, avoiding the £12.50 non-compliance fee. Which could save you up to £3500 for a daily work commute over a single year.
  • Vehicle Excise Duty – Zero emission vehicles are currently exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty as well as an exemption for luxury car surcharge until 2025.
  • 100% First Year Allowance (FYA) – Claimable by business customers for up to the entire cost of your electric vehicle for one year. The scheme is available to new vehicles and will currently run until March 2025.
  • Company Car Tax (Benefit in Kind) – New and used EVs can be eligible for a 2% BiK rate, running until 2025.

For more information on the benefits available to electric vehicle drivers visit the UK Government ULEZ Page, or for tech, performance and finance options for the Tesla range, check out our Tesla Finance Page.

For more information on types of electric cars, costs to charge your EV and currently tech offerings from top manufacturers, visit our Buying An Electric Car Guide.

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Electric car finance FAQs

What are the tax and incentives for Electric Vehicles acquired through a business? expand

Capital allowances for electric vehicles. Should you wish to purchase a new electric car through a limited company, you can claim first year allowance of 100% against your corporation tax fees. This is open to vehicles purchased outright and not leased by the business. 

What are the corporation tax benefits for electric vehicles? expand

If the vehicle is purchased as a business asset through a Hire Purchase deal, you will have the additional benefit of tax saving on the interest of your monthly payments. We can provide financing on a wide variety of electric cars including models by Tesla, Porsche, Polestar, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar and Ford.

What about charging points? expand

Charging points are also a consideration for any electric vehicle and the UK Government is currently implementing its “Super Deduction Scheme’ which covers charging points and other business-related machinery, providing 130% first-year capital allowance for qualifying assets.

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Approached these guys thinking that I was going up be treated like any another customer. To my surprise, my case was handled from beginning to end by a team of dedicated enthusiasts, who demonstrated great knowledge of the products, tailored to my specific needs, in addition to a relentless ability to support as needed.

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Ticked all the boxes.

Very easy to deal with, managed to beat my current finance rates to combine everything into one place. Happy Customer.

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Excellent company to deal with, quick on answering phones and responding to e-mails, all considered first class business. Having dealt with Harrington Finance recently to purchase a Porsche 911. I was delighted with service in terms of their efficiency, understanding and explanation of relevant products and their overall speed and clarity throughout the process.



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