New Tesla Roadster boasts sub two-second 0-60 time; electric performance taken to all new level with Elon Musk’s latest offering; Jay Leno stunned by experience

JAY LENO is rarely flustered by a car – it’s his love of their power, poise, prestige and aggression that inspired his programme, Jay Leno’s Car Garage: the Tesla Roadster, however…

Is quite the thrill – well, that would be a gross understatement. It is a cataclysmic assault on the senses, according to the assessment by self-confessed car guru, Leno.

After being propelled to speeds merely a fraction of the 250mph top speed, the aficionado exclaimed, “I’ll buy it! I’ll take it!”

Compared to the old car, which began production back in 2008, the new iteration due for release in 2020 is in a different time zone.

Acceleration to 62mph is dispatched in 1.9 seconds, compared to the glacial 3.9 seconds in the first version of the Roadster.

Aerodynamics ensure of improved efficiency and performance for drivers

The recessed front bumper and razor-edged light assembly ensure that aesthetics, efficiency and driving pleasure have been catered for.

Vents that channel air through the wheel arches from the sculpted bumper assembly ensure that air flow complements drag reduction and will improve fuel efficiency and overall straight line speed – something not in short supply with the supersonic power on offer from the new Tesla.

Although this element will help drivers enjoy quite the attack as they are firmly embedded in the Roadster’s thankfully supportive sports seats, the aerodynamic airflow over the top of the door panel assembly will ensure the car is firmly planted at the rear to provide the ultimate combination of speed, cornering ability, and sheer brutality as they merely tickle the throttle pedal.

Performance, without compromise delivered by the Tesla Roadster - endorsed by Jay Leno

The aerodynamic design aids both top speed with low drag tendancies and downforce through new diffuser and wing – appreciated by Jay Leno

Why did Jay Leno find the Tesla Roadster so immediately exciting?

Power, immediacy and savage propulsion ensure this car will be unrivalled in its ability to beguile drivers through the sheer force of what vehicle technology can deliver.

From a driving perspective, no other car will provide the abrupt exhilaration that can be offered through an electric car: the new Tesla Roadster will ensure quite a few screaming drivers will be joining Jay Leno.

Electric vehicles provide drivers with the practical peace of mind, too, which can make everyday driving easier and hassle free – something Harrington does from the start of the purchasing process thanks to its completely transparent, comprehensive service.

With the instant, unfettered levels of torque and 1-speed automatic gearboxes, drivers will no longer have to worry about keeping a car in the correct gear, or having to vacillate between whether to overtake someone or not – the ultimate blend of brutish grunt and serene practicality is prevalent with the new Tesla Roadster.

Aspire to the car that simply blew Jay Leno away

The current Tesla Roadster — when new — cost between £70,000 and £90,000, with the new car set to cost around £189,000 (based on the US exchange rate at the time of dissemination).

Jay Leno wanted one the moment he was taken out for a spin, but, like him, others desiring to own the car will have to reserve it – thankfully, you can.

Without the capital to reserve the car, the possibility of owning the car would ordinarily be reduced, but not with Harrington Finance.

Interest rates start from 4.9 per cent, with monthly repayments of less than £1,700 for PCP, lease and refinance options for the Tesla, with luxury, sports, classic and supercar finance solutions available for any of the aforementioned car types.

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