Sports car royalty now available for less; BMW M range’s crowning glory offered with improved power and driving modes; ownership has never been easier thanks to Harrington Finance; drivers provided with superlative qualities for less than £670 per-month

THE BMW M2 Competition is the sports car giant’s crowning glory amidst an already incomparable performance range.

Drivers have been introduced to the fervent, immersive and absorbing driving experience with the help of a reworked version of the 3.0-litre straight-six engine – the iconic configuration honed and perfected by Berlin’s finest.

Power without compromise for car buyers

Although matching the powerplant used in the larger M3 and M4 models, the M2 Competition uses a slightly detuned twin-turbo derivative, which delivers 404bhp to the rear wheels, which usurps the standard M2’s 370bhp with ease.

The top speed has been limited to 155mph, but with a 0-62mph time of just 4.4 seconds — despite the increased curb weight of 1,625kg — the driving experience is unparalleled as far as sportscars conclusively go – never mind across BMW’s awe-inspiring range.

Handling and poise to rival any driving experience

Two M-mode driving presets have been introduced to the new car, with one located on either side of the steering wheel.

While the ability to shift setup in the blink of an eye may not be necessary on your average venture out of the garage, the ability to shift engine, suspension, damping and steering settings with ease will be sure to give any driver the upper hand in any track day dual, or provide added comfort during any sudden changes to road surfaces.

Affording cars within the M range has been previously difficult to many average earners; with the Competition version of the M2, affordability is at the forefront of the new challenger’s remit.

The car is presented with unrivalled accessibility to a model range that includes some of the German marque’s legendary offerings – the M3 and M5, costing less than £50,000.

New interior from the BMW M2 competition featuring in Harrington Finance article

Manual gearbox and changeable, preset driving modes augment the ergonomically complimentary and appeasing interior

Driving customisation at your fingertips

Presented with the M Dynamic Mode as standard, the M2 Competition provides controlled, safe and visceral driving engagement and pleasure. Software is designed to allow maximum levels of fun, infused with the authentic restraint that will flatter your ego, but ensure you keep the easily tamable M2 on the straight and narrow.

The technology only adds to the driving experience, and with an improved power to weight ratio, there is no need to spend the additional £12,000 on the equivalent M3.

Dancing the car around your nearest roundabout maybe frowned upon, but the possibility is manifest with a truly astonishing car that proves supercar thrills need not cost six-figure sums: the workers’ sports car has most certainly arrived.

Business Development Manager at Harrington Luxury Finance, Pasquale Failla, was enthused by the affordability and sheer quality on offer with the M2 Competition. He said: “This car presents an unrivalled prospect for lovers of driving, speed and customisation.

“With the ability to create a driving experience bespoke to you and a price that far from makes you baulk, the M2 Competition is a truly exciting proposition, which is within the reach of those even on relatively modest incomes.

“As a broker, we can source the deals that will allow for lower repayment costs and the opportunity to obtain this vehicle for less than £670 per-month – that’s little over a quarter of the average UK monthly wage.”

If you or someone you know is interested in financing the BMW M2 Competition, or any other sportscar, contact the luxury car finance company, Harrington, now on 01604 973 289 or find examples of cost-effective sports car finance solutions here.

Rear end of the BMW M2 Competition for Harrington Luxury Car Finance article

The BMW M2 Competition offers the drivability, speed and poise of the M3, but for a fraction of the price.



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