BMW i8 offers unrivalled combination of performance and economy; ownership of hybrid supercar from 50k; zero tax paid on future great

BMW released the i8 four years ago now and the giant’s hybrid sport car has never been more affordable for buyers: why should you buy one?

In short – you should by this car because no other vehicle available for around Β£50,000 can provide you with the sheer driving precision, balance and uncompromised performance that the BMW i8 can.

Powered by BMW’s TwinPower 1.5-Litre three-cylinder engine, you would imagine a slightly honed version of the power unit seen in a Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works would hardly qualify as a sports car: think again.

Augmented to the engine, which in itself produces 228bhp, is the 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that produces an additional 129bhp, to give a total output of 357bhp.

A car you can enjoy owning in all scenarios

Although hardly striking fear into some of the world’s leading supercars, the innate versatility of the car and adaptability when being used in different scenarios provides an irrefutable proposition to drivers.

Driving the car is effortlessly easy in any driving mode, but don’t think this makes the experience of pushing the car sanitised or dumbed down.

Binary four-wheel drive delivers a permanent supply of power, with no lag, thanks to the hybrid system’s innovative calibration with the starter motor, which ensures 11bhp is delivered seamlessly to offset any power reduction due to turbo lag.

The front axle is driven by the hybrid system, while the rear is driven by the internal combustion engine.

A perfect 50/50 weight distribution is created by the axle split and position of the battery pack within the carbon fibre/aluminium structure, offering consummate poise on throttle and while applying the brakes.

Power delivery is interconnected and supports the balanced configuration of weight transfer through its consistency.

You don't need to pay road tax with the BMW i8 and you can enjoy up to 134mpg

The BMW i8 is available to purchase or lease with specialist luxury car finance company Harrington Finance.

420lb feet of torque and the constant feed of it throughout the rev range provide a consistently potent assault on your body.

Torque vectoring ensures that understeer is negated through the impetus of power being sent to specific wheels, which dictates the most subtle and controlled means of delivery.

The BMW i8 saves you money through incomparable economy

The i8 is not liable for any road tax due to its innovative and economical drivetrain – another reason to aspire to this low cost delight with Harrington Finance.

134mpg is possible when using the electric motor with the petrol engine in the most efficient fashion, but average combined figures still elicit 76mpg – an hitherto seen occurrence for a sports car.

The car can be leased or bought through hire purchase from justΒ Β£459 per-month with Harrington Finance, which means you don’t need to try to drive efficiently to save money.

When the battery is dead and the petrol engine is the only means of power, you will still enjoy up to 35mpg – from a sports car that accelerates to 60mph in 4.4 seconds.

Although Harrington can source brand new McLarens, Ferraris and Aston Martins to cater for all budgets — thanks to interest rates from as little as 4.9% — the BMW i8’s inherent qualities ensure that spending more just isn’t necessary.

Its top speed is limited to 155mph and by virtue of a 27-mile range in electric-only mode, it can truly be a practical sports car for buyers.

Next steps towards buying the BMW i8 or other supercar

Head of Marketing at Harrington Finance Mark Kozo enthused about the car and the speed in which buyers can secure their dream car with Harrington. He said: “Never mind the cost, the BMW i8 is a phenomenal car in its own right.

“Developed to be as adept on the motorway as it is on track, the car offers astonishing value for money, and with i8s available to purchase right now, we would be able to get finance arranged in a day.”

Enquire about finance options for your BMW i8 — or any other car — by calling the leading supercar finance company Harrington Finance on 01604 973 289, and secure cost-effective sports car finance agreements today.

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