16 January 2023


Hydrogen power & EVs PROMINENT at motorsport showcase

Motorsport has long been a proving ground for bleeding edge automotive tech and innovation. The Autosport International EV Showcase, (part of the Autosport International Expo at NEC Birmingham – running Jan 12-15) highlighted a variety of such technologies that one day might be a regular feature in your next daily driver.

British stalwart Ariel bought its recently revealed HIPERCAR to the show. Designed for extreme performance, light weight, agility, and usability, the 1180bhp Cosworth powered vehicle is not only zero-emission but can also be coupled with a lightweight turbine range extender, for on the move charging.

Whilst Ariel set out to make the vehicle sustainable and carbon neutral, do not let that fool you into thinking this car is a slouch. The four direct drive motors get the HIPERCAR from 0-60 in a scorching 2.09 seconds, with sub 2 second times achievable via torque vectoring. 

Netherlands-based Forze Hydrogen Racing, bought their Le Mans Prototype car to the Birmingham NEC event. The team working out of Delft University of technology, aims to promote and demonstrate sustainability of motorsports and mobility industry through its hydrogen-powered race cars.

The latest iteration of the hydrogen-electric race car, the Forze IX, is currently the fastest car in the world for the category. The team plan to take on big guns such as Porsche and Lamborghini with their top-of-the-line production vehicles in the upcoming GT Class of the Supercar Challenge event.

Forze XI – Worlds Fastest Hydrogen Powered Car

Extreme E, now gearing up for its third season was also present at the show. The championship, featuring a standardised fleet of fully electric SUVs named Odyssey 21, manufactured by Spark Racing Technology, target sustainable messaging and environmental education in and around the world tour locations. With a compelling male and female two-driver team set-up, exciting locales, strong ethos and a number of recognisable names now involved, such as McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Carl Cox and Andretti Racing, this will be one to watch.

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