16 November 2022


The Mercedes-AMG One, beats previous Nürburgring record by eight seconds.

Featuring technology born out of its Formula 1 team, the £2.3 million, hybrid-drive powered AMG One smashed the road-legal production car record in less-than-ideal track conditions. 

Mercedes proudly announced ‘the hypercar offers everything Mercedes brings to Formula 1’. Powered by a single combustion engine and four electric motors, the ‘E Performance’ set-up delivers 1,063bhp and a top speed of 352kph (218mph).

Registering a time of 6:35.183 over the 12.8 mile circuit the AMG One becomes not only the fastest road-legal vehicle but also tops the newly formed ‘super sports car’ category.

With Mercedes now heading the field, the challenge is now set for previous record holders Porsche and Lamborghini to respond and reclaim the ‘road-legal’ crown.

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