10 May 2023

Alpine unveils the A290_β Hot-hatch concept car

Tuned for the track, electric sports hot-hatch daily driver

Alpine unveils the A290_β concept car – Touted as ‘opening a new chapter in Alpine’s enthralling history’, drawing from its motor-sports heritage this is the French manufacturers take on an electric urban sports car that performs on the street just as well as it can on the track.

The A290_β is tapping into its rich legacy and ushering Alpine into the future

“The A290_β is the first stage in Alpine’s new era, the first step towards the all-electric Dream Garage in 2024. This urban show car has rewritten the playbook for electric hot hatches. The A290_β is tapping into its rich legacy and ushering Alpine into the future, with an everyday experience of the motor sports spirit that has inspired the brand since its inception”.

Laurent Rossi, CEO, Alpine

Alpine A290_β unveil exterior 3/4 front
Alpine A290_β unveil exterior 3/4 front wide

The first of Alpine Cars new era of 100% electric vehicles, the A290_β (A290 Beta) is set to be joined by a yet to be announced GT crossover and a replacement for the A110, two-seater sports coupe.

Whilst the aggressive body contours and lights pulled directly from its endurance race car and the current Alpine A110, the A290_β show cars’ exterior design features will no doubt catch the eye, the interior however, is what sets it apart. A three-seater central driving position with two rear ‘co-pilot’ seats form the cockpit arrangement. Built from the ground up to ‘symbolise the human-machine connection’ the layout aims to deliver increased road focus for the driver and deliver a seminal driving experience.

Alpine A290_β unveil interior cockpit

The design theory implemented in the Alpine A290_Beta doesn’t stop there, with the arrow shaped dashboard implemented to ‘highlight the centreline driving position and convey a sense of speed performance and complete control’.

Alpine A290_β unveil interior cockpit driver

‘...we created something completely geared for the future…’

Additionally, a heads-up display delivers all the race-day vitals, from driving modes, performance to streaming track conditions.

Influenced from its experience with the Alpine F1 Team, the headlight cluster features backlit tags for their current F1 driver line up (Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly respectively) and a steering wheel that appears to be a cross between something stripped directly out of an F1 and Teslas steering yoke.

A290_β exterior headlamp wheel Esteban Ocon

Alpine A290_β unveil exterior 3/4 rear

The production version of the car is expected to feature torque vectoring and an all-new multi-link rear axle developed to deliver the best balance between performance and comfort.

With Alpine expecting the production model of the A290_β to be built around offering the same driver-focused experience, coupled with a variety of virtual interfaces for multimedia and car-related information, this will be one to watch!

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